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Joseph Monisse -Week 7

Joseph Monisse

22 February 2016

During my seventh week at the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, I assisted Anna Reineke in hosting a group of Tunisian liberals for a three-day visiting programme in Brussels, as well as completing the final preparations to host a visiting group of journalists from the Philippines during the final week of my internship.

The group consisted of members of Tunisia’s liberal political party, Afek Tounes. Afek Tounes is committed to promoting positive relationships with European nations, and the program provided an excellent opportunity for the group members to gain first hand knowledge of the European Union’s political environment. The participants visited the European Commission, and attended presentations focusing on a range of topics such as Tunisia-EU trade relations and tourism promotion.

I then moved on to completing the final preparations for our next programme involving a visiting group of Filipino democracy advocates. The group will feature some of the Philippines’ most notable media professionals, and will provide an opportunity for like-minded liberals to network and share ideas in the face of the upcoming Philippines elections. The participants of our programme will learn strategies to promote pro-democracy media coverage in a nation which still carries the legacy of corruption left over from the past military regime of Ferdinand Marcos.

After a busy seventh week in Brussels, I look forward to continuing with the FNF’s next programme over the eighth and final week of my internship.

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