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Foluso Tade – Book Review | Week 4

Foluso Tade

30 January 2017

Another week in the rear-view mirror and a fair part of it was spent reading and reviewing an insightful text by two American professors called ‘Anxious Politics’. “The somewhat academic text is an amalgamation of literary interpretations, structured experiments, in depth analysis and informed opinions. Using four substantive policy areas (public health, immigration, terrorism and climate change), the authors explain how politicians and the media can use anxiety to foster civic engagement and strengthen democracy by leading the public to seek out contemporary information, trust in political actors, and develop opinions on current issues.

This outlook is pitted against evidence that anxious citizens can misplace trust in political figures or policies which suppress civil liberties in the name of protection. Although the book focuses on America’s partisan political developments of the twenty-first century, the policy areas discussed demonstrate the global relevance of these traits.” This is essentially a summary of the submission for FNF’s Liberal Magazine that I have been working on this week and ‘fingers crossed’ that the editors approve it for publication.

I must admit I got a little homesick on the 26th and the many photos of BBQ’s and Triple J Hottest 100 parties that I saw all over social media had me missing the sunshine. Though, it’s not my first Australia Day overseas, so I was sure to find my own ways to celebrate. I headed to Markthalle Neun and caught up with an old friend who I knew from my time living and working in Zambia. He has moved to Berlin to pursue his career in music production and given that the city is a melting pot of culture, I really can’t think of a better choice.

Catching up with Eleftherios Mukuka

Markthalle Neun

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