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Gavin Rogers – Fraser Institute | Week 3

Gavin Rogers

3 January 2017

What a week! This one has been absolutely jam-packed with both ups and downs. As the office winds down for Christmas, the number of friendly faces dwindles as some of the Fraser staff visit family for the holidays. Alejandra appears to have one of the better deals, taking a trip to sunny El Salvador. Meanwhile, I continued to tinker away at the soon to be released 2016 Mining Survey, assisting with the vital final checks and finishing touches.

Falling commodity prices have placed a great strain on the petroleum and mining exploration industries over the past year, leading to the amalgamation or bankruptcy of smaller and less agile companies. Because of this the number of respondents to Fraser’s surveys has declined. We have begun the preparation for next year’s surveys by combing through the current mailing lists, looking for new avenues and opportunities to expand it and encourage participation.

After wrapping up a solid week with a few remaining stragglers from Fraser, I met up with some Australian friends. I managed to hitch a ride with one of them up to the Capilano suspension bridge, where they had an enchanting “canyon lights” night feature spread throughout the surrounding park. This nicely emphasised both the height of some the enormous trees there, as well as the slightly more unnerving enormous drop below the bridge.

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