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Gavin Rogers – Fraser Institute | Week 6

Gavin Rogers

16 January 2017

I hit the jackpot this week. Right behind where I sit and go about my daily business, lies the Fraser Institute’s entire rolling archival library. It is a truly impressive collection of statistical records, classical pieces, modern analyses of age old economic questions, and a multitude of other authored works. Due to the age of digitisation, it has steadily become more neglected and underutilised over the years. Since there are plans for an extensive “new year, new office” style refurbishment, it has go.

In case my first sentence didn’t give it away, this story doesn’t end in tears. Not only is the library making space for a new and improved intern space, which unfortunately I won’t be around for to appreciate, but also the obvious: free books! Fraser’s president Niels got first pickings, stowing away a few cherished and timeless pieces that won’t make it to the recycling bin. Following that it was first in best dressed, pure free market competition. I spent a solid two or three hours poring through the collection and despite there being no Hayek, Friedman, Rand, Smith, or Mises remaining on the shelves, I still managed to pick up a stack of great stuff.

A few lucky members of the public managed to grab a few books, and the rolling archive shelves are kindly being donated to the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre. I already have two books from home that I need to finish, but now I’ve also got something to read about privatisation, Australia’s welfare habit, entrepreneurship, biology based economics, income inequality, and most important of all: why Canadians and Americans will never get along. I just hope I can jam it all in my suitcase.

Christmas round two

The indulgence doesn’t end there. On Saturday, myself and some of my colleagues made our way to the fondly dubbed “Hong Kouver” part of town for a vibrant and noisy dim sum session. In keeping with the theme of this year being full of surprises, I went all out with the weird dish food tastings, but I couldn’t bring myself to try the chicken feet. Macy’s justification was that the sauce is amazing, to which I argued: why not just have the sauce with a normal part of the chicken?

Dim Sum with Macy, Snow, and Alejandra

Today the debate was replaced with silence, as we were all too busy enjoying our Indian feast that had been delivered via Canada’s substitute of banned Uber Eats: Just Eats. The market will always find a way around! And boy am I glad that it did. After spending the last week being endowed with a mountain of presents in book form, and eating far too much food, it almost feels like Christmas all over again.

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