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Ilma Amin- Week 4 at CapX London

Ilma Amin

25 July 2016

Wow what a week this has been!! Starting on Monday, the Centre for Policy Studies had its Annual Margaret Thatcher Lecture with none other than former UK chancellor George Osborne presenting it! He discussed his notable measures to reduce public expenditure and raising the value added tax and offered his optimism in the future of the UK post Brexit. He suggested to the UK “seek the closest possible new ties with our European neighbours [as] they are, on the economy and on security, our friends not our foes”. Mr Osborne lost his position as chancellor as the new Prime Minister Theresa May made major changes to her cabinet.

After his speech I managed to actually meet him and had to obviously use this opportunity to ask his thoughts on the potential free trade agreement between Britain and Australia. He agreed that it would bring closer trade ties for us in the future.

The recent terror attacks in Bangladesh happened in the suburb that I live in whenever I go back, which really shook me to the ground along with all the major atrocities committed around the world. I was very lucky to have the team at CapX being totally on board with me writing about the growth of extremism and terrorism in Bangladesh. It is an issue I care very deeply about and I feel so gracious to be able to exercise my freedom of expression and have it published on the website for everyone to read here!

Carrying on with my list of London tourist activities, the assistant editor of CapX was lovely enough to show me around the Parliament House and Westminster Abbey. These two buildings truly capture Great Britain from its detailed architecture to its lunch rooms serving bangers and mash! On the hot Saturday afternoon I went to the world famous Portobello Road Markets. It truly lives to its reputation- the markets are vibrantly filled with stalls from different parts of the world!

Four weeks down and one more to go, my time in London is almost coming to an end. I am not going to lie I am feeling very sad to have to leave in a week but I am so excited to come back to Perth and share everything I’ve learnt here!

Conversations with former chancellor George Osborne!

At the Parliament House!

Exploring the world famous Portobello Road!

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