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Hannah Pham – London | Week 1

Hannah Pham

16 January 2017

After a day and a half recovering from extreme jetlag, I made my way to my first destination in London – the Columbia Flower market located in a funky, little suburb called Shoreditch. Jazz buskers, vintage stores and blooming colourful tulips made me feel as if I was in a middle of a romantic drama movie.

Columbia Flower Market

IEA office

I started my internship at the IEA during the recent London two-day tube strike. The strike arose from disputes on fair wages and working conditions between worker unions and the Transport for London company. This is a prime example government failure, causing chaos and disruptive delays. I couldn’t help but think that free market is the only solution to this problem, a platform where supply meets demand.

My first week at the IEA was busy. After a warm welcome from Professor Philip Booth himself and other staff, we went straight to work. I had Dr Stephen Davies giving me advice on my research project and after some consideration, I decided to work on the issue of infant industry protection in Australia. During the week I was given small tasks such as mailing the latest EA magazines to destinations all over the world and delivering books to the House of Parliament.  I also met other interns at the institute, everyone is very friendly at the IEA.

Snowfall is aesthetically beautiful until you had to walk home through it! Nonetheless, the sight of fresh snow against the backdrop of Westminster Abbey was phenomenal. First time witnessing a snow fall was an epic ending to my first week in London. I’m looking forward for the weeks to come!

Writing from London with love,


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