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Hannah Pham- Luân Đôn | Week 2

Hannah Pham

30 January 2017

We started another busy week at the IEA with a lecture presented Dr Stephen Davies on current global political movements. Dr Davies identified a trend of political parties or what he called them -“National Socialist” parties – gaining popularity around the world including in the US, Europe (Spain, France, UK, Germany) and even in Australia. These political parties believe in high levels of social and economic interventions by the State. Though it sounds unreasonable as why should voters are voting for their freedom to be tamed by the government, Dr Davies explained a part of it is due to an identity crisis that certain voters are struggling with while experiencing the effects of globalisation.

On a delivery to the House of Parliament

Quick selfie with other interns at the IEA

This week, we were glad to host CEO Miles Celic and MP George Eustice for private lunches with the president of the IEA. I was given the opportunity to help prepare bits of the president’s conversations with his guests. Next week, we are holding two public conferences. MP Michael Gove will be speaking at one of the conferences on a controversial topic “Why is the West stagnating?”. I cannot express the extreme excitement of getting free passes to these two sold-out events.

Business aside, I dedicated my Saturday immersing myself in a diverse, fast moving world of London Fashion on the never-ending Oxford Street. Despite heavy showers and freezing cold weather, the crowd never wavered. For a moment, I was thankful I live in a such an isolated city, that even our annual boxing day sale push and pull can never be compared to this daily chaos.

I will be paying a visit to The National Gallery and window-shopping at Harrods this weekend. Simply can’t wait!

Writing from Luân Đôn with love,


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