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Hannah Pham – London | Week 3

Hannah Pham

30 January 2017

What a busy week at the IEA! Firstly, we had our IEA Q&A session on Wednesday, which featured a variety of topics from Article 50, migration controls to delicious roast potatoes and its linkage to the credibility of Public Health Sector. However, the prime event of the week and contained much of my excitement goes to Thursday night event featuring Michael Gove MP, the Economist’s Adrian Woolridge, and the author of the “The Innovation Illusion” Fredrik Erixon.

“Why is the West Stagnating” was on the table for discussion and led to more pessimistic than optimistic propositions. One obvious answer was the uncertainty of current business environment. Because of uncertainty, about 1/3 of European GDP is uninvested corporate cash. Other problems discussed covered managerial issues, intolerance of creative destruction, modern regulations, technological progress, aging population, and the most absurd trend; modern capitalism are run by bureaucrats instead of entrepreneurs.

IEA event

Despite the general negative outlook of my generation’s career prospects, I met up with British former Secretary State of Justice Michael Gove, who was quite a celebrity in the room, for a memorable happy shot.

Michael Gove and his best pose

Flashback to a fantastic weekend when I was seriously lost at the National Gallery and accidentally stumbled across the famous Sunflowers painting by Vincent Van Gogh. I later found out this piece is currently priced at a whopping $84.2m USD.

Later that day, I paid a visit to Harrods, an extravagant shopping mall where I saw a Versace bed sheet for £2000. Expensive items aside, my main goal visiting Harrods was for this snapshot and to stand where Gordan Ramsay once stood while picking out his favourite caviar.

Stunning lights at Harrods

Selfie with Cardinal de Retz

As I was typing this, the British government has finally published its bill to trigger Article 50, which starts the process of a ‘formal’ Brexit. The bill only contains 132 words and is given five days for debate. Tension and anticipation is to be expected in the IEA office next week as we wait for the outcomes. Ciao for now!

Love from London,


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