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Georgina Due | Week 1

Georgina Due

9 January 2017

My Canadian adventure kicked off by trying to get into the wrong side of an Uber from the airport. After over thirty hours of flying and very little sleep, it’s little surprise I forgot the cars here are built to drive on the right hand side of the road. But, after driving down the highway and staring in awe out the window and the white wonderland that I would be spending the next two months in, I knew it had been worth every sleepless hour. The other Mannkal intern here in Ottawa, James and I had decided to spend the New Years Eve weekend in Montreal.

Montreal is an amazingly picturesque city located just two hours drive out of the nation’s capital, Ottawa. We had an incredible time touring the city with other Australians staying at our hostel, visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art, Notre-Dame Basilica and admiring some of the best Street Art that I’ve ever seen.

Museum of Contemporary Art Montreal

Exploring the Street Art with Australian Hostel friends in Montreal

By Monday night it was time to head back to Ottawa and check into our apartment for the next eight weeks. We were greeted by the most stunning view and free Netflix – what more could we ask for? But if I thought Canada was already treating me well, it was nothing compared to starting my internship the next day with the Institute for Liberal Studies (ILS) here in Ottawa.

The ILS is managed daily by Matt and Janet Bufton, two individuals who not only have an inspiring passion for educating students about the ideas of classical liberalism, but are phenomenally nice people. It was easy to get excited about all the events they were telling me they had coming up in their calendar.

For instance, next weekend they will be running one of their famous Socratic Seminars, where over a dozen students will be engaged in intimate discussion about classical Libertarian ideas for an entire weekend. This particular seminar will revolve around ideas concerning Civil Society, Mutual Aid and the Welfare State. My most daunting task so far has definitely been choosing the restaurants where these students will meet to eat following the seminars – stay tuned next week to find out if they liked my choices.

I think I'm going to like it here

I’m really looking forward to all the exciting events we have planned in the coming weeks.

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