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Georgina Due – International Politics and Poutine| Week 4

Georgina Due

30 January 2017

Outside The Parliament of Canada

Matt and I took a day trip to Montreal this week to host a debate at McGill University for students interested in International Law. After a short two-hour drive, a few road blocks, and an ensuing discussion about how Montreal’s construction projects are riddled with corruption, we arrived in the heart of Quebec.

Matt had a lunch meeting to attend before the debate, so I enlisted a local friend I made at our seminar the previous week as my tour guide. Cam was quick to reinforce the construction corruption theory, alleging bodies were actually buried in the concrete columns of high rise freeways. Oh, Government.

We then had the pleasure of meeting our debaters for the evening, Professors Jason MacLean and Bruce Pardy, two renowned legal scholars. Before the debate had even begun, I was already so inspired by their knowledge and experience that I started considering academia as a career path. The debate itself was so engaging that I forgot to take any pictures of the event (luckily Matt remembered!).

Debate on International Law (Photo Credit: Matt)

Their main subject of contention was whether bodies such as the United Nations should have a right to set rules for countries that do not voluntarily subscribe to their conventions, and whether the wide social disapproval imposed by not signing such conventions actually effectively imposes these rules on nation states anyway.

Question time ran right up until the next class, continued through a long session at the University Bar, and which I rounded out myself at the intimate dinner I was privileged to share with the two Professors and Matt.

This week James and I also visited our first Ice Hockey game! Not only did the teams tie, go into overtime, then penalty shootouts, but our home team of Ottawa won! And as if we couldn’t get any more touristy, we tried our first batch of Poutine at the hockey game. I can confirm to my Australian compatriots that the addition of cheese curds to chips and gravy is an excellent combination that we should promptly steal.

The Ultimate Tourist

The Ottawa 67s in Action!

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