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Georgina Due – Mountains and Myth-Busting in Montreal | Week 7

Georgina Due

20 February 2017

Ottawa Interns on Ice

Another week, another stirring lecture!

This week we welcomed Dr. Vincent Geloso to discuss the myths and realities surrounding Fidel Casto’s communist regime. He explained how Cuba had managed to greatly reduce the number of fatal road accidents, drastically lower infant mortality rates, and entirely eradicate the obesity problem!

The solution was simple, just ensure your citizens are too poor to afford cars, are forced to live on rations so they can’t overeat, and that your doctors are pressured into fudging numbers to meet unreasonable infant mortality reduction goals set by the government!

He continued by posing a question to the audience asking if they would really be willing to give up these basic liberties, and more, for the sake of an extra 5 years of life expectancy. What followed was a stunning display of exactly zero raised hands. This is a perfect example of how as human beings we value not just a long life, but the quality of the life we lead. And that the quality of that life is directly related to the number of individual liberties we enjoy.

The Beautiful Mount Royal

A last-minute trip to Montreal this weekend marked my fifth visit to this wondrous city so far. Trekking up the 400+ steps to the top of Mount Royal was difficult, but still managed to be rewarding, even despite a view almost entirely obscured by snowfall. The beauty of a forest blanketed in snow was something I had not yet seen with my own eyes, but the sight is now etched in my mind as one of the most incredible things I have ever seen.

Being able to pursue my thirst for knowledge in such an awe-inspiring setting has been both a blessing and a motivator to protect the liberties of people to peacefully enjoy our world.

I was quite proud of my Valentine's Day post on our Facebook page this week...

Tomorrow marks my last official day of work for the ILS, and I am currently making mental notes to do one final raid of our incredible bookshelf for interesting titles I can acquire when I get back home, beg Matt to live stream all the incredible upcoming talks we have planned for after I leave that I will be missing, and try come to terms with how appallingly fast the time has gone by.

It sure is a good thing we still have the International Students for Liberty Conference in DC to get excited about this weekend – I am hoping this excitement will make the 10 hour car ride there and back a little more bearable.

Ottawa, we hardly knew ye

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