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Jake Fraser – Croquet, Red Tape and Secret Santa | Week 3

Jake Fraser

2 January 2017

Ponder this combination for a moment – what do croquet, combating red tape, and secret Santa all have in common?

A lovely spot of croquet on a Sunday afternoon

The answer is, the last week before Christmas at the IPA.

My week began by heading down to the Royal Croquet Club on the river in Melbourne with some of the IPA team on Sunday afternoon. Upon arriving, I was quickly thrown a stick and thrown into the ring to play my first ever game of croquet. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the friendly competition, the game seemed to have brought more laughter at the lack of skills we all displayed rather than a quick and sound victory. I think I might stick to economics instead.

Moving onto the interesting part of the week, work.

Much like the first two weeks, the tasks I performed were never the same. This week I was given various research roles that began with looking into the state emission targets for the coming decades. The purpose of this was to see what strategies and implementation processes are being used at the state level, to increase the level of renewable energy into the power grids. More importantly it was imperative to find out how this would impact the cost of power via the expensive infrastructure required.

In the days following I moved onto analysing the Victorian governments’ new legislation on apartment complex design which imposes mass amounts of restrictions on how architects can design living spaces according to the individual consumer needs – it is a red tape disaster! In between all this included looking into the issue of housing affordability in Australia and the history of the housing price-to-income ratio. I found that the average household is now having to contribute 30% of its income a month toward mortgage repayments alone, a figure that has substantially increased since the 1980′s.

Lastly, yesterday was the IPA Christmas party where the whole team gathered for an afternoon of lunch, secret Santa giving, and good conversation!

Myself, Morgan Begg, Bella d'Abrera, and Saul Muscatel in Melbourne

Myself, Bella d'Abrera, and Sharni Cutajar

Signing off for now,


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