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Jake Fraser – A Melbourne Christmas | Week 4

Jake Fraser

3 January 2017

Hello again for another week of unforgettable life experiences.

First and foremost, Merry Christmas to the readers of this blog!

As work has wound up for the year at the Institute of Public Affairs, this week has been a Christmas experience in a city full of adventure. Given the Australian test team is currently in town, I decided there would be no better opportunity to go and experience the MCG live. It wasn’t hard to make friends as shown below.

New friends made at the cricket

However, one day of cricket turned into two from a generous invitation by a new friend and member of the IPA team Stuart Eaton, who asked me to join a group for lunch on the following day of play. Following an afternoon of fantastic food and conversation, who should we have the pleasure of meeting? None other than Australian cricket legend Glenn McGrath.

Meeting Glenn McGrath

I’m not sure a week spent with new friends could possibly get any better than this.

More than anything, this week away from the office has shown the other side to the enrichment this Mannkal scholarship has provided. Amidst the core work and intellectual component, the relationships, contacts, and life experiences gained have been equally as fulfilling.

Writing this blog every Friday, I sit here trying to guess what could possibly happen to top it all next week!

Signing off for now,


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