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Jake Fraser – The Melbourne experience | Week 5

Jake Fraser

9 January 2017

Hello from Melbourne!

Given one final free week before the IPA kick starts again next Monday, I sought to make the most of exploring the sights in Melbourne. The city has a unique architectural history throughout its buildings which embody the past times of Melbourne life. These include Parliament House, the Royal Exhibition Building, State Library of Victoria, and countless churches. As seen below the inside of St. Paul’s Cathedral is breathtaking which left me wondering the events this place would have seen over the years.

St Paul's Cathedral

The organ at St Paul's

In the days following, I went to experience a more contemporary sight of Melbourne – the Eureka Tower. Having not yet decided whether I’m comfortable at extreme heights I thought what better way to test my limits than being eighty eight stories above the ground. The panoramic view of the city and surrounding areas is a sight I will never forget.

The Eureka Tower - 88 stories up!

The Eureka Tower from the Yarra river

Interwoven between these adventures were multiple others worth mentioning. Two specific standouts were the Melbourne museum and the St Kilda coastline. One of the most moving displays at the museum was the World War I collection of notes and letters to soldiers. Reading through what these people endured brings a new level of respect for those who serve. A visit to the Shrine of Remembrance is on the next adventure agenda.

Although the previous weeks of exploring have been exciting, I’m eager to get back into the office on Monday and report back next week to continue the fight for freedom in Australia!

Signing off for now,


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