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Chris Hendrickson | Week 3

Chris Hendrickson

30 January 2017

Theodora and I taking centre stage

Getting a taste for the real working world is both exhilarating and terrifying. Exhilarating as every day is different and challenging, but terrifying because it is all such a new experience.

Every day I am fortunate enough to meet more and more people who are responsible for the Liberty Forum’s inception, creation and functioning. I was invited to a social evening by the Liberal Alliance, a small political group here in Greece, where I met many interesting people and took part in a local tradition. Within the party are many people who are involved behind the scenes with my hosts as beneficiaries or board members. This is despite the Liberty Forum being non-partisan and without political affiliation. It is important for us to not be seen as a political organisation, especially a liberal one, since the “Anarchists” are known to randomly attack people with associations to the right. I’ve been told this is especially important for my own safety as my accommodation here in Greece is at the heart of the Anarchist territory. Though, this is not something to be concerned about as they only become violent when they protest, which has generally been when more austerity measures are passing through government or bailout conditions, set by Greece’s creditors and the IMF, are being implemented.

A local tradition; the coin in the pie brings fortune for a year

I am also lucky enough to be visiting France to meet with some old friends, from past travels, in Lyon for the weekend. I will try to not make everyone jealous about the Nutella crêpes and fresh croissant I plan to be enjoying, though I can’t make any promises.

Discussing ideas on liberalism with Liberal Alliance members

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