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Chris Hendrickson | Week 4

Chris Hendrickson

30 January 2017

It’s hard to believe that this week marks the halfway point of my time here in Athens with the Liberty Forum. Time seems to be flying past.

Charging my phone with a bike at Brussels Airport

This week began with a good discussion with Nicos Rompapas about the projects I’ve been working on. His support for the project ideas that I’d had and praise for my work was motivating. My next step for the two projects I’ve been working on, is to contact the scientific board and ask them to review the work I’ve done.

Their input will improve the quality of my writing as well as help me to translate it all into Greek; translation, a difficult task. However, our chat did indicate one thing to me about the article I’ve been writing; I needed to restart it. It was a long article, written in a scholarly format whereas it needed to be more of a story, something that people want to read for enjoyment and not because they’re researching for a thesis.

The following day, I completely re-wrote my article. From 8.50 am, when I showed up to the office, I was in the zone. It turns out the re-written article is longer than the initial article. Although, I hope, it is far more engaging. The article looks at the Asian Financial Crisis of the late nineties, compares Greece’s financial crisis to the Asian crisis, and suggests policy changes to combat the crisis.

Naturally, these suggestions revolve around tax reduction and ways to effectively use the free market to promote GDP growth.

Lunch in Lyon with old exchange friends

One of the many perks of being in Europe, is the close proximity of the European countries. Taking full advantage of this, I spent the weekend in Lyon with some close friends, more like extended family, from my student exchange in Taiwan.

Unfortunately many other friends were unable to join us, though we had an amazing time catching up. Many years later, nothing has changed between us, we are all still as close as we were on exchange.

The cathedral of Saint Jean

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