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Andrew Thomson – Week 4

Andrew Thomson

25 July 2016

It has been an interesting week to say the least, we had a Brexit panel discussion in Hong Kong, a failed coup in Turkey and the Republican Convention in the states. I’m still surprised by how many events that occur in far away places like Turkey and the United States affect local markets in Hong Kong. We hosted a Panel discussion and dinner on Wednesday which was interesting to say the least. We welcomed guest speaker Professor Paque, a liberal economist and former Saxony Finance minister who spoke a few words in favour of Britain remaining with the EU. It got heated at one point where the Remain speaker Professor Paque got into an argument with a Leave member of the audience. The Leave member kept going on about EU regulations of lightbulbs, of all things, I had to agree that the EU excessively regulates though I’m not completely convinced that leaving the EU was the best option. I found it very interesting to hear the different perspectives of Professor Paque, Andrew Shuen and Bill Stacey as well as various members of the audience. It was a great opportunity to meet students, expats and various members of Hong Kong’s financial industry. I also had the chance to talk with Bill Stacey, a board member of both the Mannkal Foundation and Lion Rock Institute.

Back at the Institute I was given the job of making an advertisement to promote the Public Housing Exchange Scheme. I started on a script this week and found it was tough because I haven’t really done anything like this before. The script had to be engaging but something I could realistically film and produce.

This week my friend Rose from Australia came to Hong Kong on a university summer course, I had a lot of fun showing her around the night markets on Temple Street and eating some great Chinese street food.

It’s been a busy week but I still found time to hike the Dragon’s Back down to the beach, perhaps one of the best hikes in Hong Kong with it’s fantastic views over the southern part of Hong Kong Island. The beach for some reason was called ‘Big Wave Bay’ which was funny considering the water was as smooth as glass. It was a beautiful beach with some really great food stalls selling everything from cheeseburgers to grilled scallop skewers.

I have had another amazing week in Hong Kong filled with great experiences and interesting people, its hard to believe that I have already been here for a month! Big thanks go out to the Mannkal Team and the people at the Lion Rock Institute.

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