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Andrew Thomson – Week 5

Andrew Thomson

3 August 2016

I have been at the Lion Rock Institute for five weeks now and it has gone way too fast for my liking, which still surprised me despite numerous people warning me that this would happen. Next week Laurence and Andrew will be presenting the Public Housing Exchange Scheme to the Lion Rock Institute board so my main job this week was to iron out any flaws in the proposal. We also threw a small event at the office inviting most of the previous LRI interns and a few members of the board. The Chairman of the LRI board Nick Sallnow-Smith was there and I had the chance to talk to him about his experiences working in Hong Kong and my internship at LRI.  It was definitely a fun night filled with good pizza, strange Hong Kong deserts (like pineapple buns) and interesting people who each had a funny Andrew Shuen story.

I was sad to leave Hong Kong as I have had such a great time and made so many new friends. It was particularly hard to say goodbye to the people at LRI like Laurence and Andrew as they have treated me extremely well and taught me so many important lessons. For example, how if a policy is outside the the window of policy possibilities then it won’t be implemented or how Pokemon Go seems to have been more successful in getting people exercising outside then several Hong Kong government initiatives.

I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity given to me by the Mannkal Foundation, big thanks goes to Paul and everyone at the Mannkal team for all their hard work organising this internship. It has been without a shadow of a doubt a worthwhile experience which has changed my view of the world and left me a more rounded person then I was before I left.

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