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VoteSpotter and the Mackinac Center | Week 2

Michael McKenzie

12 July 2016

With the conclusion of my second week of work at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, it’s safe to say that my daily schedule has been airtight with activities.
I had a typical American forth of July weekend that consisted of fireworks, baseball and even a bald eagle that I was lucky enough to see while kayaking.
Within the Mackinac Center, I have been assigned the role as the VoteSpotter intern. What is VoteSpotter? It’s an application that you can download on your phone that tells you who your local and federal politicians are and how they’ve voted. The app launched in January 2014 and has significantly grown in popularity since then. The idea of holding legislators accountable through an easily accessible app has received great amounts of praise and credibility.

Home sweet cubicle

My experience with Votespotter has had me managing multiple projects on the fly. To begin with, I’ve been writing policy analyses of possible U.S. Presidential nominees. Furthermore, I’m helping coordinate a new blogging web page. Working with both graphic designers and coders has been a welcomed experience, and I’ve learned a lot within a small amount of time.
On top of all that, I’ve been following current political affairs and drafting material that is to be posted through social media and the app itself.

Interns of the Mackinac Center

The Mackinac Center is a rich community of thinkers; through the conversations I have participated in, I’ve both challenged and affirmed my own views. The open forum of discussion has been greatly appreciated, as many Americans have strong opinions that I’ve learned from. With the conclusion of my second week here in Michigan, I am excited to see the where my work on the VoteSpotter project will take me next.

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