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Conventions and a Birthday | Week 5

Michael McKenzie

31 July 2016

The Penultimate week in the Mackinac Center has been busy with the timing of the Democratic Party National Convention. VoteSpotter has been utilizing the increased interest in politics through both the major party conventions to capitalize on this increased engagement through some marketing promotion.┬áHence over the past two weeks, we’ve run targeted marketing campaigns to increase our overall app downloads and follower base. This work has had me writing and uploading articles about the many facets of the DNC including policy platforms and superdelegates. Many of which can be found on the VoteSpotter Facebook page which has just recently hit 10k likes!
Being a part of such a complex project with little to compare it to is a unique experience that I will utilise throughout my life. It’s hard to express more how lucky I am not only to be here in America at the Mackinac Center but working on VoteSpotter, a project I completely adore being a part of.

The Mackinac Center presents a plaque to each team member

This week I attended a Mackinac Center event in celebration of Milton Friedmans 104th birthday. The other interns and I sat with donors and friends of the Mackinac Center where we all made pleasant conversation and enjoyed a great lunch. The president of the Mackinac Center Joe Lehman spoke about a dinner he attended where he was asked to sit next to Milton Freidman. Much to the audience’s amusement, Mr. Lehman explained he was to sit next to Milton Friedman under the clause that he wouldn’t “talk his head off.” It was also duly noted that when one is sitting next to Milton Friedman why would they want to be hearing their own voice. Overall the event was a major success.

My fellow Interns at the event

This weekend I will be heading to Mackinac Island which lies between two of the great lakes in Michigan. Famous for its fudge I look forward to touring the island on horseback!
For my final week of work, I’ve prepared a small gift for my co-workers. This Monday during lunch time I’ve offered everyone some fine Australian cuisine in the form of TimTams and Vegemite crackers. I’m looking forward to seeing the results!
Next week I will be rounding off my final week at the Mackinac Center at the helm of the Mannkal snapchat account, check it out! This experience has done a world of good for me, and I’m very grateful for each supporter of Mannkal who’ve provided me with this unique opportunity I’m trying to take full advantage of.

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