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Julian Hasleby – A Very Calgary Christmas | Week 3

Julian Hasleby

2 January 2017

I’d been feeling a little under the weather at the start of the week, and when visiting a medical clinic, I discovered the wonders of the Canadian health system. The staff struggled to work out how to process someone without a government health care card. It’s currently against the Canada Health Act 1984, to charge citizens for medical services. A test case is now being heard in the British Columbia Supreme Court where a doctor argues limiting private healthcare violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Section 7 gave Canadians the right to life, liberty and security of the person and was argued that this right is restricted by the limiting of access to rapid healthcare in for-profit clinics. The outcome of this could be significant for healthcare in this country.

Interning at a think tank isn’t purely research. The funding must come from somewhere, and it was interesting to assist my boss in drafting a donor letter which broke down how the donations are spent, from opinion polling to the presentation of the final research across Canada.

I had the privilege of meeting Rona Ambrose the interim leader of the Conservative Party of Canada after she met with Preston Manning, the founder of the Manning Centre. We had a short discussion about my time in Alberta so far and the upcoming Manning Centre Conference in Ottawa, where she will be hosting a debate for the candidates contesting the leadership of the party.  The Conservative’s Constitution prevents an interim leader from running for the leadership.

Julian with Rona Ambrose

As we draw closer to Christmas, the office has become almost silent as many of the staff take leave to begin their holidays early. The temperature is rising; snow is melting, and the skies are blue. Calgary appears set for a stunning holiday season.

A Blue Sky for Christmas

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