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Brandon Amaral – Week 9

Brandon Amaral

1 February 2016

Even though I missed out on the Australia Day celebrations this week, Wellington celebrated it’s own public holiday on Monday. It was Wellington’s anniversary, which meant that it was yet another short working week for the Initiative.

On the Tuesday of this week, the office celebrated the return of both Dr Oliver Hartwich and Jason Krupp from their long Christmas break. To their surprise, they were back to work immediately with another issue of insights this week.  For me, I continued my research on the NCEA pass rate this week, scanning through hundreds of reports and spread sheets.

On Friday, Dr Eric Crampton continued his causal Friday lectures to the researchers of the office on the economics behind dating and marriage. An interesting point that interested me was that people in marriages value the relationship differently. If one partner values the relationship more that the other, he/she would make side-payments to the other partner so that they have the same utility.

On the weekend, Wellington celebrated the hugely popular Rugby Sevens, which brings the world’s top rugby nations to battle it out in short games over two days. Each team will have seven on the field and each game runs for a dramatic two seven minute halves. Luckily, I was able to buy a last minute ticket and experience the insane atmosphere of the stadium. Not only was the rugby impeccable, but also everyone dressed up in the most unique costumes to celebrate the event and create an atmosphere that was unique.

This was definitely the highlight of the week.

Fans in constumes entering Westpac Stadium

Rugby Sevens

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