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Brandon Amaral Week 10/11

Brandon Amaral

15 February 2016

On Monday, New Zealand celebrated Waitangi Day (aka New Zealand Day) meaning that the New Zealand Initiative’s offices were closed for another three-day weekend.  Taking advantage of this long break, I decided to explore the outskirts of the city and roamed along the harbour.

After a relaxing weekend, the Initiative was quickly back to work on Tuesday to get another issue of Insights published. To my surprise, this week one of my colleagues featured my experience at the Wellington Rugby Sevens in her Insights piece. She expressed that these years Rugby Seven’s was far below average with a huge drop in ticket sales, because of the government’s move to make the event more family orientated.

During the week, I continued to analyse data collected by the NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) on NCEA standard pass rates, to find any correlations or trends over the last ten years.

On Saturday night, I went to the cinemas to watch The Big Short, as a few of my colleagues had seen the premiere during the week and told me it was a ‘must watch’. After the movie, I took a stroll down to the harbour to explore the nightlife of the city and to watch the fireworks display for Chinese New Year.

Outdoor Cinema on the Harbour

The Outskirts of Wellington

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