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Ryan Soares – New Zealand Taxpayers Union – Week 3

Ryan Soares

18 July 2016

Week 3 at the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union was full of excitement, laughter and media attention! The media frenzy started when Matthew Rhodes, a local intern, had one of his stories published by the countries largest online news source, Stuff. As the excitement and buzz swept the office, we also learnt that One News wanted to shoot a Sunday segment for a story I worked on! With the story already gaining social media attention in its first 2 hours (30 shares and 200 likes), we are preparing for more media outlets to pick up the story.

Shortly after the shooting of our Sunday news story at Parliament, I had the privilege of attending a very small and private lunch at the Wellington Club. It is not very often you are able to have a casual discussion with the newly appointed Queen’s Councillor and worlds third most published legal scholar, Professor John Prebble, alongside other remarkable individuals, such as Dr Graham Scott, who currently sits on the Board of New Zealand’s Productivity Commission. As certain cities in Australia face significant housing issues, similarly New Zealand is finding that Auckland and Wellington have very quickly entered into the same space. It was interesting to hear from a group of individuals with vast amounts of experience as to how they would approach these issues. (Hint: It involves the government taking a step…leap back)

With only one fifth of Perth’s population, Wellington is the cultural hub for New Zealand, where there is something different to see and do each day. Using highly discounted student priced tickets, just this weekend I had the chance to see the Wellington Orchestra, The Calvino Trio and RNZAF Jazz Orchestra perform at three separate events. Coincidentally I managed to find someone from Perth who also plays the trombone! I also managed to squeeze in a quick visit and tour of the Governor-General’s House. The property was certainly spectacular, with views and gardens fit for the Queen. I will be sure to send an official information request as to how much taxpayers’ pay to keep such a nice residence in pristine condition first thing Monday morning.

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