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Llewellyn Cross – London, UK | Week 2

Llew Cross

16 January 2017

My second week in London has been exciting. The work I have done has varied greatly and I’ve been occupied with a range of interesting assignments.

In Perth public transport strikes are a rare occurrence and travel by car is quick and cheap. By comparison the chaos unleashed on Monday due to London Tube strikes was a sight to behold! I was told I’d get to experience a strike and it took less than a week since I started work. With the tube workers shutting a majority of stations across the city over a dispute over ticket office closures, Londoners across the city adopted alternative means. Buses were packed, the streets were full of people walking and Boris bikes were hard to come by.

This week I had my first opinion piece published on the CPS blog. It proposed that over-regulation of the sharing economy will make us all poorer by supplying us with less choice of goods and force prices higher, action that should be avoided by all governments.

I was asked by Daniel Mahoney to attend an inquiry into the Bank of England report on Financial Stability. The head of the bank Mark Carney, was questioned by Members of Parliament. It was revealed that the Bank of England no longer views Brexit as the greatest short term risk to the UK. The bank also believes that there are greater short term financial stability risks to the EU than to the UK. This was reported in all the major papers the following day. It was interesting to see this unfold in front of my eyes at the inquiry and then read the analysis the day after. I am lucky to be in the thick of the action here!

I’ve also been tasked with preparing quotes and graphs of the day to be posted on the CPS Facebook page and twitter account. I have the freedom to choose what I think will be relevant or engaging so look out for some liberty inspired posts!

I went and watched a football match at a local pub with some friends and the fans were all dressed up in colours and enjoying the local atmosphere. Although contrary to the horror stories I have heard everything remained civil!

With the temperature plummeting here, snow is expected in the city. I am looking forward to seeing this unusual weather event for London but I have been warned it can cause some havoc throughout the city!

I can’t wait to see what the next week will bring.


Outside the CPS

Westminster Abbey on my walk to the office

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