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Vena Xu – Intern Life in Jakarta | Week 3

Vena Xu

23 January 2017

Selamat Siang, good afternoon!

My third week at CIPS has been very busy as my research for the Massive Open Online Courses program has concluded. CIPS must now cooperate with one of the bigger MOOC platforms, so we can move to the next stage for recording an online course about Indonesian food trade and poverty.

During the week, I’ve participated five internship sessions, which were presented by three departments. I have learnt so much from them; such as the origins of democracy in Indonesia, how public policy is made, and learning about the complicated structure of the Indonesian government. It’s also interesting to learn how think tanks decide on which public policies to advocate.

It has been raining on and off for the last few days in Jakarta but the rain is warm and the sun still shines. However, I love this city and the weather cleared up for a lovely end to the week!

I also took some time to visit the Indonesian History Museum and Wayang Museum on the weekend, trying to explore more of the country’s culture. I am also planning to take a trip to the capital of West Java, Bandung. I am looking forward to this little trip, hopefully I can learn more interesting Bahasa words in Bandung!

History Museum

Eating grilled chicken with hands

Cafe Batavia, with 200 years history colony building


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