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Llewellyn Cross – London, UK | Week 3

Llew Cross

23 January 2017

This week was a busy one with Theresa May outlining her plan for Brexit in a speech at Lancaster House. I was tasked with listening to the speech and taking notes on the important points and collating them for Daniel, the head economic researcher. The development on this front has been very interesting. As the Bank of England views Brexit as more of a risk for the EU, Theresa May outlined that the UK will be willing to completely walk away from the single market if they are offered a bad deal. This strong bargaining position is ideal for the UK once article 50 has been triggered.

This week also had the CPS releasing a new economic bulletin into foreign aid. I was very lucky and got to work with Daniel on the project, doing some initial research and proofreading, as well as locating data and other evidence on request. After the report was released we looked forward to the next day to check the newspapers. There was a page two write up as well as being featured in numerous other papers. It was very exciting to see the articles on the CPS report!

I have finished a blog post on the Barnett formula and after some more editing hopefully it will be up for everyone to read in the coming days. I’m really enjoying the freedom to explore areas of policy that interest me, and then being given the opportunity to write on them. Having an experienced hand to look over my work and push me in the right direction is a huge help.

Last weekend I explored the Portobello Road markets. There were many tasty foods, incredible vinyls, warm winter clothing, vintage maps, silverware, watches and even mulled wine. I picked up a couple of records, shared a porchetta roll and tried on a couple of jackets after stopping at almost every stall on the street to have a look at what they had to offer. We walked about a kilometre from the markets and went ice skating, followed by bowling, then walking back through Kensington Gardens on the way home. All in all, a great Saturday!

Last week it snowed in the city! We got snow flurries on Thursday night and Friday during the day. It wasn’t much but still made for a very interesting evening. I’m sure it doesn’t rival the snow seen by our Canadian Mannkal counterparts but it was snow nonetheless.

Can’t wait for another huge week and to get started on another opinion piece!


Statue of Winston Churchill on the walk to Portcullis House

Westminster Cathedral

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