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Jackie Morgan – Lessons of Presidents Past | Week 2

Jackie Morgan

23 January 2017

Week two at the Mackinac Center got into full swing at the same time a heat wave hit Midland, a heat wave meaning we got temperatures of nearly 3°C! But rain or shine work continues, especially as the Michigan legislative sessions have now begun for the New Year.

Home Away From Home

I am continuing on with my project from last week of getting the newly elected House of Representatives and Senate member’s profiles up and running for VoteSpotter. This week focusing on honing my previously undeveloped Photoshop skills, to ensure all VoteSpotter users can see who is representing their interests in Government.

Perhaps my favourite part about interning at the Mackinac Center are the great conversations I am able to have with other staffers around the office. They are very patient with my non-stop questions about how the United States political system works, particularly with all eyes on Washington D.C. this week for the Presidential Inauguration. However my favourite conversation for the week addressed some fun facts of past Presidents. It turns out that shortest serving president of the United States of America was President William Henry Harrison who only served 31 days in office. President Harrison also holds the record for longest ever inaugural address, lasting one hour and forty-five minutes. Coincidentally these two facts are linked, as President Harrison delivered his very long address during some cold and horrible weather that caused him to catch a cold, developing into pneumonia and resulting in his death 32 days later. The moral of the story being, don’t give ridiculously long speeches (especially outside in the cold)!

Outside of work I have decided to make the most of time in Midland by taking part in as many different sports as possible, and this week I have made a good start. I took part in an introduction to curling class, a sport that shoots to fame each winter Olympics and is somehow lost in years between. I have also participated in rock climbing, tobogganing, tennis and of course more sledding.



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