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Jackie Morgan – News Night on Social Media | Week 3

Jackie Morgan

30 January 2017

Week three began at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and I began an exciting new project. This week, as all profiles for new house representatives and senators of the 15 states and U.S. Congress that VoteSpotter is focusing on this year have been updated. I have moved on to a market analysis of the other apps with a similar target market and content to VoteSpotter.

Throughout the week I examined a number of different apps, checking their different features and comparing them to VoteSpotter. I looked at how they advertised, especially their social media to ensure VoteSpotter was up to date with the competition. Through this process I began to learn how unique VoteSpotter really is. Through its structure the Mackinac Center has produced an app that is 100% informative for the audience, and allows for a transfer of important information both ways in the legislative process.

Jackie Morgan VoteSpotter Intern

Another important lesson I learnt this week is how the rise of social media has impacted businesses. All the applications I looked at were fairly new businesses, but their social media presence (like VoteSpotter) was huge. It seems to keep up in this changing world, where a large portion of the population look to their smart phones to find information rather than a printed newspaper or the evening news program, social media will be the tool to inform the public.

These apps, along with VoteSpotter use their social media to not only draw attention to their app, but contain links to important news stories and continue their theme of information distribution and informing the electorate of issues that will influence their lives and their votes.

When I wasn’t reviewing the social media revolution at work this week I travelled to the nearby town of Frankenmuth. Frankenmuth is a town straight out of a fairy tale; it is a place where it is Christmas all year round. Quite literally all year round at Bonner’s, the world’s largest Christmas store!

Inside the Fudge Shop


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