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Liz Powley – My Dream to Sell One Table | Week 4

Liz Powley

30 January 2017

There is one career path that I have always said I would never, in any circumstances, follow into and that is sales. So of course this week at IDEAS, I spent majority of it a sales role.

With the anniversary dinner soon approaching and tables still yet to be purchased, I was approached to see whether I would be interested to call firms and universities to see if they would join us in our celebrations. With my mindset in this internship being “never say no”, how could I possibly reject such an offer? Putting my fears of language barriers, my poor pronunciation skills and my general lack of sales skills aside – I have so far managed to sell a total number of zero tables.

However, I like to believe that it is the thought that counts and the fact that IDEAS are still asking me to come down and make phone calls every day indicates that they must have some faith in my sales capabilities. So if anyone is in Malaysia on the 8th of February and is interested, please let me know.

We also hosted an event this week “Supporting the MACC in fighting corruption in Malaysia”. The public support was tremendous and turnout was higher than expected. Being in charge of registration was overwhelming but thrilling as the line queued all the way back to the elevator doors while we tried to sign everyone in on time for the forum to start.

Having been researching the topic since the beginning of my internship I was quite familiar with the content. It was still interesting however, to hear the public’s opinion during the Q&A, who had differing thoughts to how MACC should be reformed compared to IDEAS and fellow think tanks.

I was able to explore the city further this week, walking around KLCC taking photos for the Mannkal snapchat. Something I learnt, which I’m surprised I didn’t notice earlier, was that even at traffic lights pedestrians still don’t seem to have right of way here in Malaysia. It’s an interesting contrast to Australia’s road rules which Vivian, fellow intern at IDEAS, and I discussed when back in the office the following Monday.

At the KLCC park

At the public forum about MACC reform

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