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Chris Hendrickson | A Lifelong Dream | Week 6

Chris Hendrickson

13 February 2017

The birthplace of the Modern Olympic Games

Six months ago I wouldn’t have imagined being where I am today. I have been so lucky to intern in Athens, the foundation of western civilisation and culture. Yet here I am, alongside champions of liberty in a time of statism, fighting for what their forefathers believed in; freedom and truth.

February’s edition of the the Liberty Forum’s “Tuesdays with KEFiM” saw the gathering of many great minds to discuss the Greek banking system and new business landscape. Encouraging the Greek youth to participate in the discussion of liberal ideas was also a topic mentioned in the Q&A time.

One of the projects I have been working on in collaboration with the Freidrich Naumann Foundation and Students for Liberty, I hope, will significantly impact the LFG’s efforts to include the Greek youth in future events.

A Gold Medal for Liberty

I was surprised this week too, when I was asked by Alexander Skouras to assist him with analysis work. One of the Atlas Network and the LFG social media projects is the Facebook page. The online resources of are subtitled in Greek and distributed via the page, a brilliant source of information for budding economists and libertarians alike.

Taking data from Facebook’s insights feature, we hope to understand more about the pages viewers to better deliver the resources and increase the reach of our ideas to the wider community.

The five page long article I have been writing only needs to be translated into Greek before it can be distributed. The primary aim of the article is to shine a light on the Greek economic crisis, from a non-statist perspective; a view not popular with many Greeks.

Despite the unexpected dominance of SYRIZA,an extremely left-wing party, in the 2015 election, I have found many Greeks are disillusioned with their government. Facilitating discussion of liberal ideas on saving Greece is the secondary goal of the article. Repairing Greece, One Policy at a time.

The Vaulted Passage; Cave of the Olympic athletes

I was truly inspired over the weekend during my visit to the Panathenaic stadium, the birthplace of the Modern Olympic games, the first of which was held in 1896 in that very stadium. For almost a millennia this stadium, adorned with white marble, was the centre of tradition unrivalled in the ancient world.

During the rise of Christianity in Roman times, the stadium, regarded as a pagan ritual site, became derelict. It wasn’t until until 1894, when a French aristocrat organised International Olympic Conference and the President, a Greek, persuaded the delegation to host the first modern Olympic games at the stadium, 1700 years after its sad fall from glory.

In four years time, my resolution to be standing on the podium in Japan receiving the gold medal for baseball, representing Australia at the 2020 Olympics, has never been stronger. It’s been a life long dream to represent Australia at the Olympics. Standing in the same stadium where the ancient and modern Olympic games were hosted I experienced an epiphany. My name could, one day, join the ranks of countless other athletes who had become champions at the highest level.

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