Mannkal sponsors students to attend conferences in Perth, interstate and overseas on topics related to economics, finance, law, liberty, entrepreneurship and more. Students who perform well at conferences enhance their chances of being awarded a full Mannkal internship. Students are eligible for one conference and one internship, however, this is at the discretion of Mannkal. Additional conference opportunities may be offered throughout the year.

To apply for a conference, you must submit the following documents to Scholarships Manager, Kate Wagstaff, at

- Cover letter (addressing why you wish to attend the conference, what you wish to gain from the experience and why you are the best candidate), max. 1 page;
- Resume (inc. photo);
- Academic transcript clearly stating your name (unofficial copy is sufficient).

Points to consider for your application:
- What it is about the conference specifically that interests you? Which speakers and philosophies?
- What do you want to learn? What will you do with that knowledge?
- Why should you be chosen for this particular opportunity?

Additional documentation may be required depending on the conference.

Eligibility criteria:

To be eligible for a Mannkal scholarship, you must:

- Currently be enrolled as an undergraduate or postgraduate student at a Western Australian university;
- Hold either Australian citizenship or permanent residency*;
- Be based in Western Australia.

*International students are unfortunately not eligible for Mannkal scholarships; in very rare circumstances, an exception may be made. However, international students are very welcome to attend any of our seminars and events.

Attendance and participation at our seminars and other events is a requirement. Above all, Mannkal values entrepreneurialism and enthusiasm for a free and open society. We consider students from across all faculties and departments. Course marks are one consideration, but this should not exclude students who have made contributions in other areas.

Places are subject to availability and may change without notice. Applications are accepted and assessed on continual, rolling basis throughout the year. Candidates who submit their application early have a higher likelihood of receiving an internship placement.

Freedom to Choose

The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle

Friday, 29th June 2018

Applications are now open for our flagship conference – Freedom to Choose – held in conjunction with The University of Notre Dame. Please note that this is an additional conference opportunity that is open to all – new applicants and alumni – and will not count towards your total scholarship quota.

Attendance at this conference is considered mandatory for current and prospective applicants for our 2018 internship opportunities. It is a terrific opportunity to meet the full Mannkal team, as well as alumni and ambassadors.

Please note that there is a $20 catering co-payment for successful applicants, which goes towards the professional catering – morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and evening drinks. Click here to make your payment.


Freedom to Choose is an annual one-day economics conference that is devoted to appraising the costs and benefits of pursuing free-market policies, held in partnership by Mannkal and the University of Notre Dame. There is a particular focus on placing free-market ideas in their historical context and the role economists should play in policy formation. The invited conference speakers are encouraged to adopt a critical, scholarly and non-ideological stance when considering these issues. Dissent is encouraged from both the floor and the podium.

Now in its 8th year, the 2018 Freedom to Choose conference is devoted to analysing the wisdom of Australian governments levying surplus or rent taxes in the resource industries, with a focus on the plan to impose the resource super profit tax (RSPT) in 2010 as a case study.

The conference is specifically designed for undergraduate, honours and postgraduate students, but all interested parties are welcome. Forums will also be provided at the conference in which students can interact with established economists to discuss the wisdom of pursuing honours and postgraduate qualifications in the discipline of economics, as well as careers in economics generally.

It is to be held on Friday 29 June 2018 on the Fremantle Campus of The University of Notre Dame, Australia. The invited speakers include Henry Ergas (The Australian), David Gilchrist (UWA), Paul Kelly (Editor-at-Large, The Australian), Peter Hartley (Rice University), and Jonathan Pincus (University of Adelaide).

Mont Pelerin Society General Meeting

Gran Canaria, Spain (Canary Islands)

30th September - 6th October 2018 - APPLICATIONS OPEN

The Mont Pelerin Society (MPS) is an international organisation composed of economists, philosophers, historians, intellectuals and business leaders. Founded in 1947, its aim is to advocate freedom of expression, free-market economic policies and the political values of an open society. Its founders included Friedrich Hayek, Frank Knight, Karl Popper, Ludwig von Mises, George Stigler, and Milton Friedman. This year’s General Meeting will take place on the beautiful island of Gran Canaria and the topic will be “Competition, Discovery and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

Confirmed speakers include; Peter J. Boettke; Richard M. Ebeling; Peter G. Klein; and many more! This is a unique conference opportunity which is best suited for advanced students who want to explore classical liberal ideas in depth.

Attendance at MPS may form part of a larger Mannkal opportunity. For this event, Mannkal Alumni, as well as advanced students, are invited to submit an enquiry of interest. This is especially suited to Honours students. Each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis.




28th - 30th September

Live & let live! An amazing combination of speakers and entertainers to stimulate thinking, make you laugh (or cry), agitate for change, advocate for less… and to debate with each other and you.

It’s a free-thinking conference of genuinely dangerous and disruptive ideas. The most disruptive idea in the world is that “all men (and women) are born equal”, and the consequences that flow from that. This conference features speakers who are intellectual disruptors exploring a vast array of areas like free speech, climate change, indigenous affairs, democracy and economics.