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Business Success; choose between complying and surviving.

Ron Manners

6 March 2013

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Yes, it’s a simple decision, you must choose between complying with every tax and regulation or surviving.

A simple decision, but you can’t do both. There is a war on between taxing authorities and the business community.

Talking of success; every time I meet an extremely successful person I ask this question: “When you look back, what really gave you the winning edge?” Interestingly, not one has ever replied, that it was their formal education or the particular school they attended. Almost, without fail, after thinking, they explain that it was one or several sharp events in their lives that opened their eyes to the opportunities that lay ahead.

This resonates with me as I’ve identified three such events in my own life, as it guides us at the Mannkal Foundation ( where we have already created such short-sharp opportunities for over 600 young Western Australian youth leaders.

Word of mouth is effectively spreading the word about these opportunities and more are being created each year.

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Ron Manners

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