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Does industry self-regulation work?

Ron Manners

2 September 2013

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Industry self-regulation should work, as it is in the best interest of any industry or profession to minimize external regulation.

Self-regulation’s central platform is trust and accountability. Without participants taking due responsibility for their actions, self-regulation of any industry will never work.

Much discussion on Public Policy takes place in the office of Mannkal Economic Education Foundation (that’s what we do).

Our own office building, itself, currently demonstrates the weak link between responsibility and self-regulation.

The architect responsible for this building (different from ‘responsible architect’) designed a building that leaks (only when it rains).

For three years we have placed the bucket under the leak and watched the ceiling deteriorate, patiently waiting for this fault to be remedied.

Read on for the gruesome details of the ineffectiveness of the Architects Board of Western Australia who have been toothless in dealing with an irresponsible member of its own fraternity:-

· Mannkal’s complaint lodgement

· Registration Board’s reply

· Mannkal’s response

The outcome, after three years, is an architect-designed building that leaks and an ongoing debate as to the definition of “unprofessional conduct”.

This is enough to give the great freedom of self-regulation a bad name.

Ron Manners

Topic: Architect, Architects Board of Western Australia, Hillam Architects, David Hillam

2 Responses to “Does industry self-regulation work?”

  1. George Kailis says:

    Ron…you not applied your usual level of scepticism here.

    The Board is not an example of self-regulation, but one of government regulation, albeit by proxy. The Architects Act 2004 prescribes the membership of the Board to consist of 10 members, of which 6 are appointed by the Minister (2 of these on nomination of worthy bodies).

    By this form of arrangement the government co-opts in professional expertise, but it is hardly ’self regulation’.