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No longer are we subservient!

Ron Manners

7 January 2014

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A few years ago, revolts were expressed as violent events, often resulting in wars.

How different today, where apart from the well publicized running-wars, we have hundreds of peaceful protests in dozens of countries.

No longer do citizens have to suffer bad governments in silence.

What has changed is simply that the citizens now have social media tools to mobilize thousands of people who share their concerns.

All this is happening at a time when, on a world-wide basis, respect for authority has sunk to an all time low.

Governments have ‘sunk’ by assuming that once ‘in power’ they no longer have to earn the respect of those they ‘serve’.

Similar comments could be applied to our educational system, where the more we spend the less we get.

Informed observers of the international scene can be excused for being cynical about ‘published results’, over a wide spectrum, due to the difficulty experienced in measuring such results.

An example is the United States economy, where we are told it is now performing excellently. However, this is being measured in U.S. dollars, which have devalued by 95% over the past 100 years (since the Federal Reserve was established to ‘protect the currency’). Australia’s figures are similar which makes it difficult to answer the question, “if we can’t even trust our unit of measurement, how are we really performing?”

Am I being too cynical of our institutions and their need to once again focus on earning our respect?

Well, to give you something to worry about, parents who are paying good money to have children educated at universities, should click on the following link and read the article in full:-

(If you encounter password problems, simply Google the article’s title “Academic with a murky past stirs fresh controversy with trip to Damascus”.

Should you seriously consider a peaceful protest to express your concerns?

Australia hasn’t had a decent protest since the Eureka Stockade Revolt in 1854, but we now have the social media ‘tools’ to send a simple message:-

“We are watching and it’s time to earn our respect.”

Ron Manners

January, 2014

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