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With so many books on leadership, why are there so few leaders?

Ron Manners

1 April 2014

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The title for this Mannerism is borrowed from Chapter 4 of the ‘Three Laws of Performance’, a book by Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan, where they attempt to answer this very serious question.

It’s an important question because the answer is not obvious, alluded to by the early Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu:-

…. A leader is most effective when people barely know he exists. When his work is done, his aim fulfilled, his troups will feel they did it themselves.

Leadership, by definition, is disruptive and that’s why it’s often not welcomed by management.

Leadership is a classic example of ‘creative destruction’, the term used by the Austrian Economist, Joseph Schumpeter. Tearing something down, so it can be replaced by something better.

In Australia we now see examples of our business ‘leaders’ actually sabotaging industry by signing defective ‘Enterprise Agreements’ which effectively handed the management of their enterprises over to the Labour Unions. So much for ‘leadership’!

By following soft options, which has entrenched defective cultures into our industrial system, these ‘leaders’ in signing these so-called Enterprise Agreements have caused Australia to be non-competitive on world markets.

Forget their repeated excuse about ‘Australia’s strong dollar’. It is our own ‘leaders’ who have shot Australia in the foot.

Their actions are now being exposed by three well-informed analysts, who are making these various Enterprise Agreements (SPC-Ardmona, Toyota, Ford, General Motors and Qantas), available on the internet, for all to see.

These three well informed people are, Robert Gottliebsen (Business Spectator):

Grace Collier (The Australian):

Ken Phillips (The Australian Independent Contractors Association)

Yes, Australia does have some great leaders and we have set out on a quest in search of them, so they can be suitably acknowledged. We need more leaders like them to step forward and undo the damage done by the inability of so many who have refused to get up off their knees in front of labour unions, various governments and the battalions of ‘politically correct’ economic vandals.

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