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Travel; an easy decision!

Ron Manners

24 June 2014

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When multiple invitations arrive and they all string together into one potentially great adventure, what does one do about it?

Accept of course! This resulted in a remarkable June, 2014.

The five invitations were:-

• Attend an intimate dinner with one of my favourite economists, Prof. David Friedman, during his brief visit to the Lion Rock Institute in Hong Kong.
• An opportunity to interview the remarkable Linda Whetstone in U.K. (and spend a weekend with my daughter and family).
• To attend the wedding of two amazing young people in Ukraine, including the opportunity to try some Australian poetry on the guests.
• To interview four of the key young people in Ukraine who organized the Euro-Maidan Revolution, resulting in their corrupt President fleeing the country.
• To participate in the 25h anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Revolution, held in Hong Kong on 4th June, 2014 where 1,500 people were expected to attend but 200,000 turned up. There I was with my video camera and a supportive Chinese interpreter.

There are many memorable moments from this trip as I was confronted by young people who, having experienced living in a country or close to a country that has been stripped of everyday freedoms, virtually sparkle with anticipation of enjoying the freedoms that we, in Australia, are born with and so casually take for granted.

We can ‘buck the bureaucracy’ and the penalty is to be annoyed with correspondence or perhaps a modest fine.

For them, they will carry memories for the rest of their lives, particularly if they have been standing next to a 25 year old friend who was shot by their own Government for ‘bucking the bureaucracy’.

These thoughts run through my mind as I complete the editing of some videos to be loaded - here

These are the videos with details of their availability status.

1. Prof. David Friedman – Lion Rock Institute, Hong Kong here

2. Linda Whetstone (U.K.) in Conversation here

3. Tiananmen Square 25th Commemoration in Hong Kong here

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