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Diesel Fuel Rebates are not Subsidies

Ron Manners

4 May 2016

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Every time governments run out of money they try to seize money which is not theirs.

This is why they are again trying to confiscate trust money they are currently holding on behalf of various industries who are awaiting its return.

I’m referring, of course, to the ‘diesel fuel rebate’, which is again, the subject of government greed.

My May 7th, 2008 letter to still applies, as below:-

Diesel fuel rebates are not subsidies.

Just a quick correction for Crosscut Clyde’s column (May 7, ’08) where he described the Diesel Fuel Rebate as a Subsidy.

It’s easy to see how he got this wrong as the rebate was incorrectly described as a subsidy in the Australian Conservation Foundation’s news release.

A subsidy is where a government steals from one party to pay for handouts to another party.

A rebate, on the other hand, is simply repaying money that shouldn’t have been stolen in the first place.

In the case of the mining industry, when they pay for fuel, portion of the tax paid is to pay for building and maintaining roads.

However, when some mining companies actually provide their own roads and maintain them, after filling in numerous forms, they can retrieve that portion of that tax which they should not have paid in the first place, which they receive as a rebate many months later.

This unfortunate situation will continue until our mining leaders simply decide not to pay the tax in the first place, when it is not applicable.

All that needs is decisive leadership.


Ron Manners,

Mannkal Economic Education Foundation

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  1. Important compilations of arguments in this article and its links. Thanks.