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Fertilizing relationships

Ron Manners

2 August 2016

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Fertilizing Relationships

File Notes @ 1.8.16

· Try to be the person who you would be attracted to, that you would seek to engage with, to meet, to converse with, and to spend time with.  Someone with whom you can become ‘lost in conversation’ for hours.

The sort of person who makes you feel better, that you always come away from with something new, a new idea or a new approach to an old problem.

You wish to be with a person who is constantly evolving, by virtue of what they do, what they read, who they mix with.

· Always be humble and modest about talking of your plans and goals.

· Link together the separate acts of learning and laughing into one seamless function.  If you can’t do this, you must be doing something wrong so change tack.

· Never underestimate the power of friendship and the price of friendship.

· Collect all those ‘simple wisdoms’ that Leonard E. Read ( “brought to the threshold of my consciousness”. (Expand on pages 8 – 11 “Heroic Misadventures” – see free e-book here)

· Don’t spend much time on beating yourself up!  Be forgiving and stay comfortable with yourself.

· Resist falling into a routine.  Fight that by being unpredictable, do the occasional stupid thing.

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