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Australia: Four Decades - Full Circle

Ron Manners

26 November 2009

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There is a reason why my new book Heroic Misadventures is subtitled ‘Australia: Four Decades - Full Circle’.

In the 1970s we saw Australia’s Federal Government doing stupid things. Future generations regretted that damage to our Australian economy as we paid the ongoing price.

Now, following a period of prosperity where industry and entrepreneurship was encouraged, we see our debt (over stimulation) and damage (ETS) and the resultant costs and uncompetitiveness being passed onto future generations.

We are also forced to listen to political incompetents who claim that ‘governments create jobs’ as they gamble with our future.

Equally appalling is the sight of ‘big business’ lining up like pigs at a trough to collect the taxpayer-funded subsidies as their prize for demanding ‘certainty’ as the ETS inflicts another tax on anyone who produces or has the courage to engage in productive activities.

My book Heroic Misadventures is not entirely about such Shakespearian tragedies, it is mainly a collection of stories on how resilient individuals can rise above political nonsense, in their efforts towards survival and self-sufficiency.

I invite you to visit the book’s website or facebook page.

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