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Extortion, a way of life in Western Australia?

Ron Manners

14 December 2009

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Out of the ashes of the great Global Financial Crisis we see a predatory State Government Department for Transport inflict a 310% increase in Car Park Licence Fee for privately owned parking bays.

Novel as it may be levy a Licence Fee on privately owned, and maintained, car park bays (this in itself is something of a travesty of private property rights) the State Government has announced a 310% increase per bay, per month, from $15.75, to the impressive figure of $48.83.

To partly explain this increase they mention that it includes a 4.2% inflation increase.

Yes, this is also interesting as the Australian Bureau of Statistics assure us that the Western Australian rate of inflation is actually 1.4% for the year ended 30 June, 2009.

I’m sure that if I was providing services to the State Government and tried on a 310% increase, my contract would be duly terminated.

How does the private sector good naturedly tolerate such increases?

Have we lost our tongue, or just lost our calculators?

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