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Character Beats Strategy (Every Time)

Ron Manners, 2 December 2016
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Character Beats Strategy

(Every Time)


Here we go again,

A strategy for this,

a strategy for that.


Most of our ‘thought leaders’,

spend their time,

talking through their hat.


What we really need,

is to focus on

courage, conviction and character.


This gave our Western Civilization

that special edge,

lifting millions to a new level.


The Enlightenment thinking,

Isaac Newton and friends,

blazed the trails.


Before Entitlements and Victimhood

ran us

off the rails.


In Canberra, this week,

I was told Canberra

is our National Capital.


“Wrong!”, I said.

It’s merely

our Political Capital.


I define Canberra as

200 square kilometers;

surrounded by reality!


Canberra’s where they

work hard to

destroy our Triple A Credit Rating.


It’s ‘out there’.

You are the people

working to save it?


The creators,

will rescue us,

from political seduction.


So, let’s drink a toast.

To the explorers, the industry

and our great producers.


Ron Manners – Dec. 2016

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