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The Mannkal Economic Education Foundation provides scholarships each year for one or two students enrolled on the Fremantle Campus of the University of Notre Dame, Australia. The scholarship involves the recipient undertaking a Directed Research Project in an area relevant to economic and libertarian concepts and it also funds the recipient (if he or she is deemed eligible) to attend the Liberty and Society Conference that is overseen by the Centre for Independent Studies in Sydney.

In 2007 Lis Costa and Alyce Casseta were awarded this scholarship and undertook a research project on "Heritage Listing. Who Bears the Cost?" In 2008 Jason Pasqua was awarded this scholarship and undertook a research project on the "Efficient Release of Public Land in Western Australia". In 2009 Neal Kok was awarded this scholarship. He wrote a paper entitled "Capturing the Regulator: A Case study of the Regulation of the Western Australian Gold Industry".

Yhana Duffy and Duncan Dias are the Notre Dame students for 2011. They are currently completing a report on the Housing Bubble in Australia.

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