Confessions of a Socialist

October 11, 2018

Tax is theft[1] was bellowed out with a great cheer from the audience, devouring these words like a pack of hungry wolves. Then once more, TAX IS THEFT, signifying the beginning of LibertyFest 2018.

I often find myself conflicted with political identity, as most people do, not knowing what basket we all fit in. Can this ultimately be brought down to the fact we just have too many baskets; the baskets are mostly broken; or is democracy simply a failure. From the powerhouse of the Liberal Party in 1975[2], to what today is a majority of only one within a minority government who have had two leadership spills and three different prime ministers in the last three years alone. Now with reports yet another spill will occur before the next election[3]. This is clearly not a government that puts the publics interests first, nor is it a government which governs.

Now the issue which appears to be constantly overlooked is why. Whilst the vast array of speakers at LibertyFest did indeed address areas such as policy, unity and the need to ‘spread the word’, they also promoted the need for discourse within alternative parties and inclined to attack others rather than strengthen their own. Speakers such as Craig Kelly, Malcolm Roberts and James Paterson tended to detract from the issue of why politics is failing and what physical action can be taken to change that. A key point taken from this year’s LibertyFest is a clear failed marketing scheme and the overuse of failed ‘buzz words’, e.g. ‘tax is theft’.

Buzzwords often fail in attracting those opposed to our views and only attract the faithful, whereas providing an underlining story is more likely to attract new business[4], a concept the libertarian movement has been blinded to. I foremost consider myself a realist as it is my belief socialism plays a part in society, not Australia’s society, but we must be accepted the things we cannot change and not simply try to change the things we cannot accept. This year has reinforced my opinions and vision for Australia’s future but has also outlined the failings of our society and its way forward. For things to change, we must change. We must adapt and innovate, or we will fail.

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Angus Young is completing a double degree in Arts (Politics & International Relations) and Business at Edith Cowan University.