About us

Mannkal promotes free enterprise and limited government for the benefit of all Australians.

We were founded in 1997 by celebrated WA mining industry veteran, Ron Manners – you can read more about him at his website, www.mannwest.com.

Ron wanted the next generation of Western Australians to be the most capable and globally competitive yet, to ensure that Western Australia’s future remains bright.

He founded Mannkal to give students those opportunities through our Young Leaders Program, conferences and internships.

Our Young Leaders Program bridges the gap between university and the workplace, giving students the skills, attitudes and knowledge they need to get their first job and excel in it.

All Young Leaders Program participants attend an academic or business conference in Western Australia. Many then proceed to attend conferences interstate and overseas, and the best performers are chosen to undertake internships in economic institutes around the world.

These students return to Perth with vastly expanded knowledge, new international networks and broadened horizons that they can use to further their careers and push Western Australia forward. Many receive job offers as a direct result of their internships.

Since its founding, Mannkal has sponsored over 1,000 students to opportunities in Australia and overseas. Our earliest students have since built successful careers around the world and we look forward to watching our current students take on leadership roles in Perth and beyond.