Adam Smith Institute, London | Week 3 – It didn’t quite come home

Camille Cross

This week I decided to relax and not go too far away on the weekend. I spent most of my time around Fulham just walking and taking in the everyday sights of London. I also prepared for the week ahead of me as there were lots of small tasks I needed to do and people to meet.

The think tank world of Westminster has a monthly meeting between all of them to discuss projects, publications and upcoming ideas. This is a great situation where different groups get to find new ideas and form partnerships on new projects. This was a great meeting to go because I came to understand the diversity of all the think tanks in London as well as meet a lot of the people in the community. This week was relatively chaotic in London with the resignation of multiple members of parliament and the tensions of Brexit negations, and the centenary of the Royal Air Force, which Prince William was at!

This week I’ve been supporting most of the team with research and data, mainly on the expenses of the state. I spent quite a bit of time researching politicians’ pensions as well as the time taken up by the courts for different offences. Pensions, in general, take up 20% of the federal budget with a further 14% being distributed through welfare.

A girl I went to high school with now lives in Pimlico so I had a great home cooked meal at her place with her family that has a beautiful view of Warwick Square. Tonight, I’m heading over to Hammersmith to meet my cousin and we’re going to try the new Ottolenghi restaurant – I’m eating my way through London suburbs!

Next weekend we’re all heading to Cambridge to meet up with an Australian student called Joseph – we’re all very excited to go punting and see the different colleges around Cambridge.

Watching the centenary of the Royal Air Force parade
Dinner on Oxford Street
Lunch in the park next to Westminster
Dinner with my cousin and aunty