Adam Smith Institute, London | Week 5 – Love Island and Economics?

Camille Cross

Every month at the Adam Smith Institute (ASI) they hold an event called The Next Generation (TNG). TNG events feature a speaker who is questioned by Madsen Pirie, the president of the ASI, for 20 minutes and they are asked a range of questions varying from ‘beer or wine?’ to ‘what inspired you to be a libertarian, what book, person or film?’. This month Madsen questioned Paul Staines aka Guido Fawkes who runs one of the most read political blogs in the UK. Guido was a fantastic speaker and has done so much in the field of investment banking, libertarianism and politics.

This week I had an interesting article to research which focused on the economics of Love Island; a British TV show where islanders are put in a villa in Mallorca and try to find love and ‘couple up’ with others on the show. The producers are able to manipulate the contestants through different challenges as well as the introduction of new islanders.

Each week all islanders face the problem that their partner might re-couple and leave them single and on their way home. Individuals end up re-coupling with new partners even if neither of them actually desired it to ensure their safety and security in the villa. This is the Security Dilemma, where countries increase their security by increasing military power for example, which can heighten tensions between nations even though neither nation particularly wanted it.

This week I had drinks with a friend I met while at university in Queensland at Rum Kitchen and dinner at Zedel Brasserie. We had a great time out in London and I can’t wait to catch up with her again at different places all over town.

This is also the last week that all the Mannkal scholars in London are together. We had a celebratory dinner at the White Horse near Parsons Green station which is apparently frequented by lots of Australians, so it seemed fitting. Next week I’ll be moving to a new Airbnb and it’ll be great to experience a new area in London!