Adam Smith Institute, London | Week 6 – Here we go Again

Camille Cross

I am now very much in the second half of my internship and am trying to make the most of every work day and weekend I have left. I finally had my first English summer day where it poured down with rain and I took this opportunity to head out to an old fashioned cinema and see Mama Mia with some friends – I would definitely recommend to see it for those of you considering it.

This week I haven’t been able to do as much writing, however I am currently working on two posts for the ASI blog, in which I’m looking into Value-Added Tax (VAT) and the benefits of this tax system compared to income tax. In addition, I have also been researching ‘nudging’ and I’m torn between whether the notion is good or bad as people are still allowed a choice most of the time, but someone at the top is telling people what the better choice is.

After researching nudging, I came onto the topic of organ donation which then led me to commodifying blood and organ donations. There has been a target from the World Health Organisation to not pay for any blood donations but some of the places that do are then selling their surplus supply to other countries that don’t. By not offering to pay your own citizens for plasma or blood because it can be seen as immoral, you are still required to purchase these goods but not from the source.

I have a friend in London who is interning at a Media company and she invited me to come along to the O2 factory in Islington to see a Reggae artist called Mike Love. The performance was fantastic, and it was great to get out of the house and interact with a variety of people.

I have also attached the links to the two articles I have already had published in the Telegraph Refresh on plastic straws and for CapX on the economics of Love Island.

This weekend I’m heading to Bath with my friend from Queensland and we’re so excited as it’s only a one and a half hour train ride away from London! Check in here for stories and photos of me in Bath!