Adam Smith Institute, London | Week 8 – A neoliburrito goodbye

Camille Cross

This was my last week in London and at my Internship. I had a great time here in London and learnt so much considering I am a newcomer to the Libertarian movement.

This week I was finishing off multiple blog posts that I have been working on including paid blood donations, paid organ donations, self-made billionaires and nudge theory. I was extremely interested in looking further into billionaires, in particular, the positively disproportionate number in the United States, Australia and Singapore. This is compared to other countries with a much higher population such as China and India which have over a billion citizens each. To exclude inherited fortunes, I focused on self-made billionaires and to ensure a focus on market entry I looked at people who were also under 35.

I also spent my last weekend trying to make the most of it. I came back from Freedom week in Cambridge on Saturday and went straight to the Victoria and Albert Museum where there is a vibrant display of history from all over the world including Europe, China the UK as well as some artefacts from Roman times. I then went across town to St James’s Park where I visited the Churchill War Rooms. This was a great place to visit, and I learnt so much about the WWII and Churchill’s life in general.

On Sunday I spent the day at Windsor and also visited Windsor Castle. Visiting the town felt like stepping back in time. There were small arcades and little cafes dotted around the pace with and we went to a cream tea restaurant for tea and scones – the Cornish way!

As my final farewell and a tradition at the ASI, we all went to have a burrito or Neoliburrito from the local market. This was a great way to finish my two months at the Adam Smith Institute, and I can’t wait to call in and see them whenever I’m in London.