AIER, Great Barrington – Week 8 – “Rising” Inequality

Callum Hudson

After a snow storm caused my flight to be cancelled last Sunday following LibertyCon, I was lucky enough to get a last-minute train from Washington DC back to the AIER office.  It was incredibly beautiful looking out of the train window and seeing the immense amount of snow and ice outside.  Monday was Martin Luther King Jr Day, so the office was closed, which gave me a much-needed chance to catch up on some sleep after a very busy weekend in Washington DC. 

By Tuesday everyone was back in the office, feeling refreshed after the long weekend.  My main task for this week was being a research assistant for Phil Magness, on his inequality project that he is working on.  This had me scouring the internet for articles, papers and quotes relating to negative outcomes attributed to the “rising” level of inequality in the United States.  This was a great opportunity for me to catch up on recent literature and popular opinions on the topic of inequality within the United States. 

Besides researching for Mr Magness’s inequality project, I was also helping Mr Magness on another one of his projects, which I will talk more about in coming weeks.  This required me to make phone calls to specific public schools, trying to find out their founding dates as they had not been listed online.  Despite the simplicity of this task, it seemed that the majority of schools, which were dating back to early the early 20th century did not keep detailed records readily available.  This meant that most of the schools did not know when they were founded, making for an interesting Friday morning. 

I have currently been sharing an office with two Masters Students who are working on their theses.  Unfortunately, the time has come when one of them has completed their thesis and will be leaving today.  To say goodbye and celebrate the completion of his thesis, myself and a few others from the office went to the local bowling alley.  I had a fantastic time bowling, mostly because I won 3 out of the 4 games. 

This weekend I decided to stay inside and spend the weekend relaxing and reading.  I look forward to continuing helping Mr Magness over the coming weeks with both of his projects and I will talk about them in more detail in the weeks to come.